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Children's Theatre Last Modified: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Children's Theatre Workshop

The Pocket Community Theatre believes that to build a future for community theatre, young people of today must be involved. To further that aim, the Board of Directors, at the March 24, 2002 meeting, approved a Children's Summer Theatre Workshop. This Workshop has been held every year since 2001, with the exception of 2005 when the theatre moved to its present location, and 2012, when no director was available.

Thirty students, ages 8 to 13, attend a two week learning experience in the summer which introduces them to the mechanics of developing a play to be shown before a live audience. The students learn theater from the ground up. Almost everything associated with play production helps with the development of skills, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that can be used now but will be found useful in adult life.

Areas of learning and activity will include stage performance, set design and construction, props, costumes, publicity, poster design and distribution and more.

Previous Children's Plays include:

The 2017 Children's Summer Theater Workshop will run for two weeks, Monday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM beginning June 12 and ending June 23.

Cost for the workshop will be $75 per student. Limited hardship scholarships are available, and may be applied for with Abigail Fryar (501-339-1529).

This year, there will also be two intern positions for students 14-17 years old. Apply for these positions with Stephen Fryar (see below).

A showcase of what was learned will then be performed by the students on Saturday and Sunday afternoon starting at 2:30pm, June 24 and 25 at the theater. Tickets for the performance will be $5 for adults and $2.50 for children through age 12, and available at the door.

Sponsored by a grant from Mug Shots Express.

Application forms for the Children's Theater Workshop are now available. To get one, you can call the theater at 623-8585 and leave a message as the office is not staffed full time. You can also generate a copy of the application form yourself. Four different formats are available:

Please note that not all browsers render the HTML or JPEG versions of the form correctly, but the PDF and Word versions should always be correct. If the JPEG version runs off of the edge or bottom of the page, you can try minimizing the page margins.

There is limited space (30 students!) so apply early to reserve your spot!

Deadline for applications is Sunday, June 4th.

During the Workshop, parents will need to bring children to the Pocket Community Theatre at 170 Ravine no earlier than 12:45 PM and to pick them up no later than 4:15 PM. For the complete set of rules, click here, or if you would like the rules in a Word document, click here.

For more information, call: Pocket Community Theatre at 501-623-8585 and leave a message or contact: Stephen Fryar - Phone: 501-339-1519, Email -