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Red Vs. the Wolf 2013 Last Modified: Thursday, August 01, 2013
Children's Theater Workshop 2013
Red Vs. the Wolf
A Live Theater Production Performed by Tomorrow's Actors.
Directed by Stephen Fryar.
Rating: GP

Performance Dates:
June 2013

Program Description:

In June 2013, the Pocket Community Theatre again held their Childrens Theater Workshop, a two week learning experience which introduces young thespians to the mechanics of developing a play to be shown before a live audience. The students learn theater from the ground up. Areas of learning and activity will include stage performance, set design and construction, props, costumes, publicity, poster design and distribution and more.

This year, the students will develop their skills from Red vs. the Wolf.

Red Vs. the Wolf
By Judy Wolfman.


From Pioneer Drama Service:

We’ve all heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But how often has it been told from the Wolf’s point of view? Yes, this kind, sensitive wolf gentleman is upset, for he has been maligned by society because of a story that has been repeated to generations of children. He is determined to tell the story as it really happened, of the true nature of Red Riding Hood and his own good intentions. This hilarious story will show your audience that there are two sides to every story.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

Red Vs. the Wolf

Red Vs. The Wolf
Role Actor
Red Riding Hood: Olivia Green
Presley Hamric
Wolf: Colby Wilson
Grandma: Kodie Brown
Red's Mother: Olivia Green
Presley Hamric
Deer: Abigayle Coston
Rabbit: Annabeth Hrdlicka
Skunk: Maya Powers
Butterfly: Hope Drake
Woodcutter: Mitchell Haus
Stage Manager: Hannah Reeves
Assistant Stage Manager: Liliana Boekhout
Production Staff
Director: Stephen Fryar
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Naomi Ponthieux
Stage Manager: Hannah Reeves
Assistant Stage Manager: Liliana Boekhout
Student Interns: Matthew Pultz
Andrew Newman
Payton Hamric
Jacklyn Lee

Our Crew
Lighting Design: Zachary Powers
Lighting Technician: Abigail Fryar
Music/Sound Effects: Andrew Newman
Set Design/Crew: Angela Giberson
Matt Giberson
Grace Drake
Matthew Pultz
Payton Hamric
Martha Michau
James Michau
Abraham Hawkinson
Abigail Fryar
Stephen Fryar
Olivia Green
Naomi Ponthiex
Presley Hamric
Andre Newman
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Robert L. Simpson
Programs: Stephen Fryar
Robert L. Simpson
Program Artwork: Kodie Brown

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chair: Steve Burns
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Hot Springy Dingy
Kevin Dyer at Walgreens Photo Center (Central Ave)
Marti McWilliams
Matt and Angela Giberson
Grace Drake
Amber Westgate at KLAZ 105.9 FM Pop Contempory Hit Radio

Children's Theater Workshop Interns Jacklyn Lee, Payton Hamric, Andrew Newman, Matthew Pultz, and Naomi Pontheiux (Assistant Director)

Our apologies to anyone whose name was inadvertantly omitted. A special thanks to all of those who have worked so hard to make Pocket Community Theatre the success it is!!