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Children's Theater Workshop 2004 Last Modified: Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Children's Theater Workshop 2004
Summer Dreams
by James Halverson

The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings
Adapted by Nellie McCaslin
Directed by Jan McKillip


From the Dramatic Publishing Company:

This play for very young audiences is based on a charming southern folktale. It tells the story of Little Rabbit, who envies all the other animals he meets in the forest. Finally, a fairy grants him his wish for a beautiful pair of red wings like the bird. When Rabbit discovers that he cannot fly and that even his mother doesn't recognize him, he understands and accepts his role as a rabbit. The wings disappear and his mother welcomes him in a warm embrace. The simple plot, credible animal characters and theme make this an ideal choice for children from 4 to 8.

Published by Dramatic Publishing.

The Elephant's Child
Adapted from a story by Rudyard Kipling
Directed by Linda Rickel


From Storynory.:

IN the High and Far-Off Times the Elephant, O Best Beloved, had no trunk. He had only a blackish, bulgy nose, as big as a boot, that he could wriggle about from side to side; but he could not pick up things with it.

The young elephant hero is full of questions. Why is his tall uncle the giraffe so spotty? Why are the eyes of his broad aunt the Hippopotamus so red? Above all, he wants to know what the crocodile has for dinner. And in the end we learn how the elephant got his trunk.

June 2004

Summer Dreams
Directed by Linda Rickel
Narrator: Mallory Brewer
Maria: Anna Lauren Nester
Chris: Andrew Proctor
Lou: Grace Drake
Chost: Chase Allison
TV: Abby Dilick
Books: Bekah Trieschmann,
Jayme Montague, and
Libby Cooper
Bed: Catie Cooper and
Katie Evans

The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings
Directed by Jan McKillip
Litle Rabbit: Tiffany Worrell
Mrs. Rabbit: Emily Baird
Mrs. Skunk: Caroline Nester
1st Duck: Jet Currey
2nd Duck: Taylor Allison
Mr. Squirrel: Hailey Van Next
Mrs. Mouse: Jessica Hook
Mr. Mouse: Keith Fahad
The Gypsy Girl: Madison Kelso
The Red-Winged Bird: Mackenzie Burks and
Emily Baird
The Fairy: Rachel Brittian
Little Fairies: Abby Dilick and
Libby Cooper

The Elephant's Child
Directed by Linda Rickel
Elephant's Child: Katie Evans
Elephant Brother: Chase Allison
Elephant Sister: Grace Drake
Narrator One: Anna Lauren Nestor
Narrator Two: Andrew Proctor
Ostrich: Mallory Brewer
Giraffe: Libby Cooper
Hippopotamus: Jayme Montague
Monkey: Abby Dilick
KoloKolo Bird: Hailey Van Nest
Rock Snake: Bekah Trieschmann
Crocodile: Catie Cooper

Adult Helpers
In-Charge/Director: Ms. Linda
Director: Ms. Jan
Asst. Director/Piano: ms. Jeani
Student Director: Dena Ellis
Construction: Mr. Mark
Costumes: Jan McKillip,
Linda Rickel
Support: Mark Britton and
Nyle Cearlock
Program: Dave McKillip
Lights & Sound: Dave McKillip
Webmaster: John Lukas