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The Trial of Goldilocks Last Modified: Monday, September 29, 2008
Children's Theater Workshop 2003
The Trial of Goldilocks
by Joseph Robinette
Directed by Joni Wilson
June 2003

Guilty or innocent? Was the young girl a selfish spoiled brat intruding where she didn’t belong? Or, was she the victim of three conniv­ing bears (and their animal “band of hoods” in the woods)? In Rhyme mime and mirth, this exciting new comedy brings Goldilocks to court on charges of breaking and entering, and examines the familiar fairy tale from three points of view: the traditional, the Bears’ and then Goldilocks’.

Barbara North describes the show:
This is a playful, pint-sized production. It features a cast made up entirely of kids and is a fanciful, expanded courtroom version of the Goldilocks fairy tale. The best way to describe this production is "Cute." Cute costumes, cute kids, cute little story. While adults without children probably won't have much interest in this, kids will enjoy the audience interaction, rhyming script and jokes geared to them. For example, when a hard-of-hearing judge is introduced to the court clerk, the judge asks, "You're a jerk?" Kids in the audience loved this.

Published by The Dramatic Publishing Company.

Cast of Characters
Announcer: Tim Owen
Vendors: Jessica Hook
Clarissa Sutherland
Kayln Knowlton
Court Clerk: Sarah Johnson
Prosecuting Attorney: Darci Becker *
Defense Lawyer: Julia Dickinson
Goldilocks: Skyler Hebert
Momma Bear: Katelynn Young
Papa Bear: William Kitkoski
Baby Bear: Noel Wheeler
Judge: Timothy Carroll
Forman: Candance Standridge
Jury: Erin Kandlbinder
Breianna Vinson
Marni Becker *
Jeremiah Thompson
Andrew Proctor
Madison Mongomery
Policeman: Tim Owen
Badger: Emmi Kitkoski
Coyote: Logan Young
Wolf: Bekah Trieschmann
Fox: Baleigh Vinson
Coyote: Angela Brown

~Rhythm Thumpers Group (Glowing Poles)~
Jessica, Claire, Logan, Emmi, Baliegh, Kayln, Andrew, Candice, Breianna, Erin, Madison, & Darci

Technical Support: Chris Becker
Marni Becker

* - Patrick Longinotti had to leave the show so Darci Becker took over the role of prosecutor and Marni Becker took her role on the jury.
Adult Crew
Producer: Ms. Linda Rickel
Director: Ms. Joni Wilson
Asst. Director: Ms Jan McKillip
Construction: Mr. Mark Britton
Technical: Mr. Dave McKillip
Rhythm Director: Ms Marge Chappell
Support: Ms. Pat Wheeler
Ms. Shirley Chancellor
Choreography: Ms. Suzie Wing
Artwork: Tom Clark
Photography: Renee Burns
task: crew
Webmaster: John Lukas