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The Monsters Under the Bed Last Modified: Monday, September 29, 2008
Children's Theater Workshop 2002
The Monsters Under the Bed
by Friar Dominic Garramone and the St Bede Theatre Troupe
Directed by Jan McKillip
June 2002


From the Dramatic Publishing Company:

Stephanie's having a sleep-over with her friends when they are joined by her young cousin Melissa who can't get to sleep because she's afraid of the dark. But soon the monsters come out from under the bed and no one can get to sleep. As each girl describes her own personal fear, those fears come to life as Crumplebump (the funny noises monster), The Final Freak (the math test monster), Big Bad Boom (the thunderstorm monster), and several other terrifying creatures of the night. The girls help each other overcome their fears, and with some help from Stephanie's older sister Cathy and her monster friend Gruntable, the other monsters are banished. Conceived and written by a group of grade school and high school students, this play is sure to appeal to anyone who's ever been afraid to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

Reaction to our production:

The response was great! Sixteen children participated, 7 adults (and more) volunteered. The audience truly enjoyed the shows on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23.

It was individual, it was unique! It was The Pocket Theatre's Children Summer Workshop production of The Monsters Under the Bed. It is a comedy by Friar Dominic Garramone and the Saint Bede Theatre Troupe.

"Why was it so special?" you may ask. Well, is special for two reasons. First, it's about this girl, Stephanie, who throws a slumber party, her bigger sister, her little cousin, and six slumber party girls with overactive imaginations. There are also seven monsters that love to give a good scare.

The second reason this production was special is because the kids have done everything. They were not only the actors and actresses, but also creators of everything about the program. The kids built the set, made the costumes, painted the scenery, and developed the advertisement (this article was written by a kid). During the performance, kids were working on-stage and off. Kids were running the sound, lights, props, applying makeup as well as acting on stage.

Published by Dramatic Publishing.

Reunion Julia and Alicia
Shopping Mary and Kristi
Camp out Timothy and Logan
Slumber Party Chelsie and Samantha
Divorce Katie and Mary
Fishing Keith and Tim

Role Actor
~Slumber Partiers~
Stephanie: Julia Dickenson
Cathy: Alicia Kerr
Ashley: Kristi Downie
Laurie: Chelsie Trimms
Melissa: Jessamyn Carter
Jennifer: Samantha Sherman
Felecia: Katie Knight
Darkanomaore: Tim Owen
Crumplebump: Timothy Douglas
The Final Freak: Mary Hampo
Dr. Wicked Schott: Darci Becker
Teazle: Logan Miller
Big Bad Boom: Kenzie Bentley
Gruntable: Keith Fahad

Tech Crew: Tim Owen,
Caity Bently,
Darci Becker, and
Marni Becker
Adult Volunteers
Director: Jan McKillip
Choreographer: Joni Wilson
Producer/Coordinator: Linda Rickel
Set Advisor: Mark Britton
Set Advisor: Ray Johnson
Technical Crew Advisor: Dave McKillip
Work Crew: Holly Gibson
Webmaster: Tom Clark and
John Lukas